About Susan:

Let me tell you a little about myself and my artistic journey.

Susan Schuchter

Fine Art

My painting career got off to a tentative start when at the age of eleven I felt the need to express myself and proceeded to paint a life size mermaid on the inside of my closet door. It got lots of attention from my parents, but their reviews were not particularly good.  I did not begin to really take art seriously until I left River Forest, Illinois, where I grew up, and attended Colorado College where I studied art at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. It was there that my love for painting and color began to blossom.

After college I attended New York University where I received a Master's Degree in Retailing.  Then after a brief career in that field, I married and family became the priority of my life. I did, however, continue to take occasional classes in watercolor and acrylics and did some magazine illustrating.

I also took advantage of the time and opportunities which travel provided, being married to an airline pilot, to hone skills in observation as well as rendering.  In 1996 with our girls grown and married, my husband and I moved to Colorado, and I began to immerse myself in my lasting love of painting and color. I sought out other artists and instructors taking classes, workshops and experimenting on my own, covering all types of subject matter and mediums from water color, acrylics, oils and charcoal drawing to pottery and stone sculpture. The variety of mediums reflects my love of doing anything creative with my hands,  including sewing, knitting and gardening.

My passion for the outdoors has been fed with a lot of hiking, camping, and plein air painting. I paint what I love, seeking to capture the beauty and color I see around me, whether the serenity in a meadow of wildflowers, autumn in the mountains, light illuminating a porcelain vase, the turn of a shoulder on a model or just the vibration and energy of pure color. I find the nuances and subtlety, the vitality and exhilaration in life, nature, light and color invigorating and fascinating. My greatest desire is to share what I see and feel through my art with others.

I began entering art shows in 2004. Since then I have been accepted into many national and local juried shows and been honored to receive awards ranging from honorable mentions to best oil painting. My work can be seen in the White Hart Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.